Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club

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The History of your Club

Your Club has a great history.  


The Club was founded in 1889 and is arguably the oldest Bull Terrier Club.  It is certainly the oldest KC registered Bull Terrier Club in the World.  


In 2014 we will be celebrating 125 years in existance.


This Club, along with the Bull Terrier Club, actually drew up the original Breed Standard.


A club is dependent on its Members.  The Northern Bull Terrier Club and the Provincial Bull Terrier Club merged to form the Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club.  There have been hard and difficult  times but, because of the support and dedication of you, the Members, the Club has gone from strength to strength.   Other Bull Terrier clubs have not been so lucky, the Liverpool and District Bull Terrier Club ceased to exist after the Second World War and it seems inconceivable that neither the Birmingham and District Bull Terrier Club nor The Midlands Bull Terrier Club could remain viable in the breeds area of origin.  


"Northern" we may be but "Provincial" we are not,  Your Club has Members from all corners of the UK and many overseas Members.


So join our happy Club today