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Judge and table.jpg

I was very pleased to be asked to judge your Championship show, many thanks to the committee. Thank you all for such a wonderful was very pleasing to see so many people attending the show, I thoroughly enjoyed judging and was extremely well looked, many thanks to my Steward, Laura Sutcliffe. A few mouth faults but not excessively so

Best in Show Javarke Pirate Queen

1 lb CC BIS   Javarke Pirate Queen.jpg

Winners of Junior Handling, Judge Bob Blackley

JH Poppy.jpg
Poppy Dodd
JH Joys.jpg
Jacob Wady
Ariana Johnson
JH Bradders.jpg
Ollie Bradley
JH 1.jpg
Chloe Dorrington

PUPPY DOG (4 entries)

1. Rightstuff Ace
    Best Puppy Dog

Upstanding white dog, 9 months old, lovely profile and expression, good mouth, straight front and tidy feet, nice neck and body, tail set a little high, moved and covered the ground well, beautifully presented.

1PD Rightstuff Ace.jpg
2 PD Briden Back to Black.jpg

2. Briden Back to Black

Black brindle 10 months old, excellent head and punishing eye, lovely neat ears, well made body, straight front and moved well, lots of bone, unfortunately he does have a poor mouth and on the day was very out of coat.

3 PD Inersu Solo Hurrican.jpg

3.  Inversu Solo Hurrican

White dog 11 months, nice profile but needs more muzzle, good eye, correct mouth, a little long in the back, front ok but feet were untidy, rather overwhelmed by the occasion. Well presented.

JUNIOR DOG (1 entry)

1.  Cywbullys Thundering             Tank

Aptly named, red and white 14 months, Very strong head with plenty of fill and good expression, a little more length would be nice, neat ears, correct mouth, straight front but would like a bit more forechest, good feet for a heavyweight, great spring of rib and strong quarters, movement difficult to access as he was very full of himself. 

1 JD Cywbullys Thundering Tank.jpg

NOVICE DOG (6 entries)

1. Blazinbullys Back to Black           Reserve Dog CC

Eye catching black brindle and white nearly two, well made, lovely long head with neat ears, slight mouth fault, good neck and straight front with tidy feet, well sprung ribs moved well when he got going, very well presented and handled. RDCC

1 ND RCC Blazinbullys Back to Black.jpg
2 ND Arrow Days.jpg

2.  Arrow Days

Heavyweight brindle and white nice head and expression, good spring of rib, neat feet on straight front, strong quarters, plenty of bone, movement very erratic, well presented.

3 ND  Vetsbullies Killing Music.jpg

3.  Vetsbullies Killing Music

White. Lovely condition, well placed ears, Eye a little kind, good front and quarters, rather long in the body, moved well.


1 PGD Miinroc Dark Intentions.jpg

1.  Miinroc Dark Intentions

2 PGD Founderblair Alain Delon.jpg

2.  Founderblair Alain Delon

Tricolour, terrier type, well balanced, good head and neat ears, Eye a little kind, good conformation, excellent feet and moved well, I felt he could carry a little more weight to complete the picture.

Lisa dog 3rd in PG.jpg

3.  Villensia Sweeney Todd

White, lovely long head, good eye and ears, straight front and good feet, good neck and spring of rib, plenty of bone, I felt he was a little straight in the stifle.

4 PGD Karmaras Little Big Man.jpg

No critique as had left the ring.

4.  Karmara's Little Big Man

LIMIT DOG (4 entries)

1.  Tewkabull Peaky Blinder

White, good head with power and fill but a little short, nice expression, neat ears, good mouth, well made body and tail, good neck and front, not the presence of the two top winners.

1 LD Tewkabull Peaky Blinder.jpg
2 LD Vetsbullies Keep a Knockin into Megaville.jpg

2.  Vetsbullies Keep a Knockin'into                      Megaville

Brindle and white well made dog, really good front and quarters, good spring of rib, moved well but head lacked profile compared to the winner, head of good length, eye a little kind, well shown and presented.

3 LD Tilleah Brilliant Disguise.jpg

3.  Tilleah Brilliant Disguise

White. Well filled head rather lacking in profile neat ears, straight front but poor top line, nice quarters. 

OPEN DOG  (9 entries)

1.  Afanbull Bruno Mars
     Dog CC, BOS and RBIS 

Brindle and white a really well balanced dog, beautiful rich colour, long head with gentle profile, neat ears, lovely neck and front, good feet, excellent spring of rib and quarters, moved really well, exemplary presentation and handling. DCC RBIS

1 OD CC RBIS Afanbull Bruno Mars.jpg
2 OD Dream Lover of Widgets Bull at Llanwenarth.jpg

2. Dream Lover of Widgets Bull at Llanwenarth

White, lovely profile and deep muzzle, good eye, neck and front, not so strong in the quarters, losses top line a little on the move, well shown.

4 OD Bluepoint Sub Zero.jpg

4.  Bluepoint Sub Zero

3 OD Int Ch Caranthir Buteo.jpg

3.  Int Ch Caranthir Buteo

Black brindle and white upstanding dog with a lovely long head, would like a bit more profile, good spring of rib, straight front and powerful quarters moved well, looked a picture, well presented and handled.

5 OD Archetype Wild Card.jpg

5.  Archetype Wild Card

VETERAN DOG (2 entries)

1.  Ch Emred Devil's Advocate
      Best Veteran

Well know red and white now nearly 9 and looks extremely well, powerful head and body, enjoyed strutting his stuff. Best Veteran in Show.

1 VD BV Ch Emred Devils Advocate.jpg

PUPPY BITCH (4 entries)

1.  Astasia Emiko
      Best Puppy in Show

Brindle and white beautiful puppy, nearly 9 months, immaculately presented, long head with gentle profile, correct mouth, really good eye, lovely reach of neck, straight front, good spring of rib, correct tail set, moved well and so well balanced, could have taken her home, will watch her progress with interest. BP

1 PB BP Astasia Emiko.jpg
2 PB Orbal Hot Enough.jpg

2.  Orbal Hot Enough

Tricolour, very nice puppy, 11 months, good head and mouth, straight front but a little down on her pasterns, that should improve, good body and quarters, beautiful condition, moved well

4.  Meilow Pure Gold

3 PB Abgar The Envy.jpg

3.  Abgar The Envy

Brindle and white lovely head, neat ears and correct mouth, straight front but feet untidy, high tail carriage, movement could be better.

4 PB Meilow Pure Gold.jpg

JUNIOR BITCH  (3 entries)

1.  Bluepoint Goshawk  

White, very elegant bitch, lovely head with neat ears, correct mouth, good expression, lovely neck and front, correct tail set, moves out well but will stand overstretched giving her a sloping top line, may be a bit over angulated behind.

1 JB Bluepoint Goshawk.jpg
2 JB Tulsadoom Meshuggeneh.jpg
3 JB Martini Sunset.jpg

3.  Martini Sunset

Fawn and white nice long head with pleasing profile, good front and feet, a little long in body, plenty of bone, moved OK.

2.  Tulsadoom Meshuggeneh

White. Strongly made with a good head, expression and eye, lovely front and good spring of rib, moved well, mouth fault.

NOVICE BITCH  (11 entries)

1. Bluepoint White Swan for Garthbully
          Reserve Bitch CC

White, beautiful well balanced bitch, powerful filled head with good profile, neat ears, correct mouth, good neck and spring of ribs, lovely front and quarters, moved well. Well presented and shown RBCC

RCC Bitch bluepoint white swan.jpg
2 NB Miandale Enchantress.jpg

2.  Miandale Enchantress

White. Upstanding girl, good head and ears but not the power or eye of 1st, well made body, tidy feet, front and quarters, moved well.

3 NB Ramsures White Orchid.jpg

3.  Ramsure's White Orchid

White. Pleasing head, correct mouth, eye a little kind, nice quarters, moved out well, well shown but could do with losing a bit of weight. 

4 NB Starcinco Gravity Ice.jpg
5 NB Last Chance for Magic.jpg

5.  Last Chance for Magic

4.  Starcinco Gravity Ice 


1 PGB Napier Lunar Eclipse.jpg

1.  Napier Lunar Eclipse

Tricolour. Well balanced bitch, very nice head with neat ears, mouth correct, eye a little kind, well made with good spring of rib, lovely feet, strong quarters, moved well, well presented and shown.

3.  Miandale Queen of Hearts

White not the power of the first two but well mads, pleasing head with correct mouth, straight front and good quarters, moved fairly well, just needs time.

4.  Golitha Sweet Miracle (no image available)

2 PGB Karmaras Tough Tyger.jpg

2.  Karmara's Tough Tyger

Brindle and white big upstanding girl, beautiful head, neat ears correct mouth, excellent spring of rib, plenty on bone but a trifle long in the body, good front, moved OK well shown.

3  PGB  Miandale Queen of Hearts.jpg

LIMIT BITCH ( 5 entries)

1. Javarke Pirate Queen
     Bitch CC and BIS

Took my eye as soon as she came in the ring, beautiful bitch, really good head, fill and profile, wicked eye, neat ears, lovely front, body and quarters good feet, moved ok., loads of bone but not over done in any way, well presented and shown. BCC BIS

1 lb CC BIS   Javarke Pirate Queen.jpg
2 LB   Brutal Bull Lady Gwenbully.jpg

2.  Brutal Bull Lady Gwenbully

White another lovely white bitch, excellent head, eye and expression, neat ears, straight front and tidy feet, unfortunately she does have a but, her top line does slope, even when her handler can stop her stretching out it doesn’t go away, this is a fault that appears to be creeping in, she is otherwise a lovely bitch. Well shown and presented

3 LB Miandale Ice Queen.jpg

3.  Miandale Ice Queen

White very similar to her sisters but her coat is not so good, not the power of the first two, but has a good profile ears and eye, lovely neck and front, moved ok.

4 LB Blazinbullys Brogans Girl.jpg

4.  Blazinbullys Brogans Girl

OPEN BITCH (12 entries)

1. SpCh Mildres Bulls Fire           Galaxy

Red and white another really nice bitch, lovely long head with fill and finish, neat ears, mouth ok, well made throughout and moved well, well shown and presented, very close decision for the RBCC, I thought the eventual RBCC was just that bit shorter in the back.

1 OB SpCh Mildres Bulls Fire Galaxy.jpg
2 OB Blazinbullys Dark Star.jpg

2.  Blazinbullys Dark Star

Not the eye of the first but a good profile, neat ears, good mouth, well balanced, good neck and spring of ribs, good front and quarters, moved well, another good bitch.

3 OB Llanwenarths Love Affair.jpg

3. Llanwenarths Love Affair

White. Took a while to settle, nice long head, good eye ears and neck, good mouth, straight front quarters OK rather soft in condition, could move a bit better I feel.

4 OB Emred Dikram Devils Delores.jpg
5 OB Bilboen Keep a Secret at Bullyview.jpg

5.  Bilboen Keep a Secret at Bullyview

4.  Emred Dikram Devil's Delores

VETERAN BITCH (2 entries)

1 VB Tilleah My Book of Dreams.jpg

1.  Tilleah My Book of Dreams

Red and white very nice headed bitch, neat ears, well made, good front and feet, plenty of bone, moved well.

2 VB IrCh Warhorse Death or Glory.jpg

2. IrCh Warhorse Death or Glory

Brindle and white in beautiful condition, good head with nice deep muzzle, nicely made, moved fairly well.

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