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Thank you to the committee for inviting me to award my first set of tickets in Bull Terriers, and to the exhibitors who brought their dogs for me to judge The Northern Provincial has been my Local Club for 20 plus years, I started my showing of Bull Terriers at this club and soon after joined the committee. I had some exemplary dogs on the day, with some very close classes, but I was happy with my main winners who in my opinion were true to type and the breed standard. One thing I will say is please don’t confuse substance with being overweight as I thought one or two were on the plump side.


Grande Finale of Briden

1  OB  CC Grande Finale of Briden.jpg


1. Devarca Anything Goes

1 PD Devarca Anything Goes.jpg

2. Cigano Son of the King

2 PD Cigano's Son of the King.jpg

3. Remlap Son of Spartan

3 PD  Remlap Son of Spartan.jpg
1) DEVARCA ANYTHING GOES Mr&Mrs Sullivan B/W 9 months old, he has a sweeping profile, with good roman finish, ears on top which he used well, mouth ok. Straight front and correct rear angulation, I think with time he will body up and do well, he moves true both ways.
2) CIGANO’S SON OF THE KING Ms Jones All white 6 months, very much a baby , clean unbroken profile, not the fill as 1st place, adequate bone, shoulder well placed , he will improve with maturity . Moved ok both ways.


1. Gorbain Dark Destroyer Barnesmore

1 JD  Gorbain Dark Destroyer Barnesmore.jpg
1) GORBAIN DARK DESTROYER BARNSMORE Miss Thompson & Mr Woodward, 14 months B/W very typey dog, his head has width with a sweeping profile and roman finish, keen expression and ears well placed, strong front with plenty of bone, short back and good angulation, he moved well both ways.

2. Llanwenarth Love and Pride

2 JD  Llanwenarths Love and Pride.jpg
2) LLANWENARTHS LOVE AND PRIDE Mr & Mrs Probert. 16 months heavy set masculine dog, good width to his head with a gentle profile, keen expression and ears well placed. A little stuffy in neck and not as short as 1st place. Movement good both ways.


1. Mocharabull He's Everything


1. Kenxtwen Let's Go

2. Golitha Slainte Mhath

1 ND  Mocharabull He's Everything.jpg
1 PGD Kenxtwen Let's Go.jpg
2   PGD   Golitha Slainte Mhath.jpg
1) MOCHARABULL HES EVERYTHING, Miss Clements, B/B well marked powerful dog with width to his head but could use more fill under the eye, mouth ok but would benefit from a teeth clean. Excellent round front and correct shoulder placement, tidy feet and moved soundly holding his topline.
1) KENXTWEN LETS GO Miss Townsend R/W well marked, his head has excellent width, fill and roman finish ears bang on top mouth ok, good length of neck ,correct shoulders and short in back, angulations correct, he has a bad fault of pacing which his handler could just not get him out of so movement was impossible to asses, that said with work this is correctable and he should do well.
2) GOLITHA SLAINTE MHATH Mr Paterson, R/W heavyweight dog, good width to his head but not the fill under the eye of 1st place, mouth ok, did not use his ears to advantage, adequate length of neck , excellent forechest, lovely rear angulation, he is rather flat on his feet, but he moved ok.

LIMIT DOG  An outstanding class of dogs any of whom could have changed places on another day.

1.  Vetsbullies Living On My Own  RCC

1  LD RCC Vetsbullies Living On My Own.jpg
1) VETSBULLIES LIVING ON MY OWN Dr Galla, White dog, very typey dog his head his wide with excellent roman finish but not overdone, mouth ok , he lacks pigment on his nose.punishing expression and small neat ears, good length of neck with lovely strong round front and correct shoulders, ultra short in back. He moves very well both ways RCC.

2. Bluepoint Sparrowhawk

2  LD  Bluepoint Sparrowhawk.jpg
2) BLUEPOINT SPARROWHAWK Miss Heath & Mr Morris W/B ear another quality typey dog with a sweeping profile and good fill , mouth ok. Keen expression ,ear placement ok. He has lovely reach of neck into correct shoulders, and good rear angulation, not the short back of 1st place he moved well both ways .

3. Karmara's Double Jeopardy

3 LD  Karmara's Double Jeopardy.jpg

4. Blazinbullys Ace of Spades at Lydsyll

4 LD  Blazinbullys Ace of Spades at Lydsyll.jpg

5. Olliebrad Supersonic

5  LD Olliebrad Supersonic.jpg


1. Ch Aus Ch Bulroarus Might N Power  CC, RBIS

1 OD  CC  Ch Aus CH Bulroarus Might N Power.jpg
1) CH AUS CH BULROARUS MIGHT N POWER (IMP AUS) Mr & Mrs Blair & Mr Wiseman, W/ Black ears, beautiful powerful head with a sweeping unbroken profile, punishing keen eyes, ears bang on top which he used all the time, lovely length of neck into correct shoulders and a fabulous fore chest, topline good ,good angulation and nice clean tidy feet, moved better in front than behind, but to me he is all you want in a Bull Terrier, masculine, good strong built dog, was pleased to award him the Dog CC.

2. Vetsbullies Killing Music at Islasonbulls

2  OD  Vetsbullies Killing Music at Islasonbulls.jpg
2) VETSBULLIES KILLING MUSIC AT ISLASONBULLS. Mr & Mrs Robinson, W/black ears, another powerful dog, head not quite as well filled as 1st place, but good width and compact, keen expression and used ears well, lovely length of neck into correct shoulders and again a smashing fore chest, on strong well boned legs, angulation good and movement clean both ways.

3. Irazistabull Star of Vulcan

3  OD  Irazistabull Star of Vulcan.jpg

4. Bilboen Pickpocket

4  OD  Bilboen Pickpocket.jpg

5. Tewkabull Peaky Blinder

5  OD  Tewkabull Peaky Blinder.jpg


1. Bullgatti Inferno  BPIS

1  PB  BP  Bullgatti Inferno.jpg
1) BULLGATTI INFERNO Mrs Maynard, R/Wwell marked, bitch of just 6 months, very much a baby, but a lovely typey feminine youngster with a sweeping unbroken profile,elegent long neck, good fore chest and adequate bone, she has clean body lines and good angulation, I am sure when mature will make a lovely bitch, she was a little overwhelmed but Im sure will settle .BP.

2. K's Choice The Rock Super Star from Guardianbull

2  PB  K's Choice The Rock Super Star from Guardianbull.jpg
2) K’S CHOICE THE ROCKSUPER STAR FROM GUARDIANBULL Mr Clements & Miss Quance, Tri bitch 9 months, more mature in attitude to first, not the head of first , lacking fill under the eye, nice width to her head, little stuffy in neck, but good round front and fore chest, her topline is not the best and she might benefit for loosing a little weight which may help, angulation ok and she moved well


1. Jasjak Tygrr Lily with Serenbull

1  JB  Jasjak Tygrr Lily with Serenbull.jpg
1). JASJAK TYGRR LILY WITH SERENBULL Mrs, Miss, Miss & Mrs Laidlaw, Kelly & Kelly, & Nisbet R/W typey feminine bitch, paints a lovely picture , she has a sweeping profile, with a wide muzzle, keen expression and ears well placed, elegant neck , well placed shoulders and good round front on strong legs, correct rear angulation and tidy feet, moved well both ways, challenged hard in final line up for RCC, but the day got a little much for her and she went quite flat at the end, plenty to look forward to with her though I’m sure

3. Bullyview Here WE Go Again at Zancol

3  JB Bullyview Here We Go Again at Zankol.jpg

2. Aricon Eye Eclipse Cum Abbaz

2  JB  Aricon Eye Eclipse Cum Abbaz.jpg
2) ARICON EYE ECLIPSE CUM ABBAZ. Mr Armitage, white/ tri ear/headmark, feminine bitch unbroken smooth profile with fill under the eye, small dark eye giving keen expression, ear placement ok,elegent length of neck, not the front of first place and she stood slightly roached, she moved ok both ways.

4. Bullgatti Inferno

1  PB  BP  Bullgatti Inferno.jpg


1.  Jasjak Fyre Lily

1  NB  Jasjak Fyre Lily.jpg
1) JASJAK FYRE LILY, Mrs Ryan, R/W well marked with a sweeping profile, mouth incorrect, ears well placed and a keen expression, lovely length of neck with a good round front and forechest, a little short in upper arm, but good rear angulation, moved ok .


1. Medusamyne Lovely Jubbly Pumpkin

1 PGB  Medusamyne Lovely Jubbly Pumpkin.jpg
1) MEDUSAMYNE LOVELY JUBBLY PUMPKIN, Miss Hurst, W/black ears, ultra feminine bitch with a sweeping unbroken profile, keen expression, and small neat ears, adequate length of neck into correct shoulders and lovely round front and forechest. Rear angulation is good, she just tended to stand a little outstretched that made her slope at the rear, although when she moved which she did well her topline was good.

2. Unionbuls Huntress

2  PGB Unionbul's Huntress.jpg
2) UNIONBUL’S HUNTRESS, Mr & Mrs Sullivan, White/black head mark, another feminine bitch , not the profile of class winner, lacking fill under the eye, lovely expression and ears bang on top, elegant neck and well placed shoulders with a good fore chest, a little long cast in body, good rear angulation. She moved well from front but a little close behind


1. Vataha The Constellation RCC

1  LB  RCC  Vataha The Constellation.jpg
1) VATAHA THE CONSTELLATION, Mrs Thomas White/brindle eye mark, Eye catching bitch with a smooth unbroken profile all the way down to a roman finish with a punishing expression and ears used well.clean body lines with good front, topline and rear angulation, very tidy feet and on her toes the whole time, moved well both ways. RBCC

2. Miandale Queen of Hearts

2  LB  Miandale Queen of Hearts.jpg
2) MIANDALE QUEEN OF HEARTS, Mr & Mrs Dodd, White/brindle ear and eye patch, another typey feminine bitch, not quite the profile of first place but has fill and a lovely keen expression, ears ok. Good reach of neck into correct shoulders , she dips slightly behind the withers but holds her topline on the move which was ok.

3. Barnesmore Ice Angel Gorbain

3  LB  Barnesmore Ice Angel Gorbain.jpg

4. Orbal Hot Enough

4  LB  Obal Hot Enough.jpg

5. Astasia Emiko

5  LB  Astasia Emiko.jpg


1. Grande Finale of Briden CC BIS

1  OB  CC Grande Finale of Briden.jpg
1) GRANDE FINALE OF BRIDEN, Mr & Mrs Smalley. All white beautiful elegant bitch, still quite young but a real showstopper, she has an unbroken smooth profile, well filled under the eye, good width to her head , ears bang on top and a wicked keen eye , long elegant neck into correct front and fore chest, short in back, just the right amount of rear angulation, a real picture when standing and she moves really well both ways, I was pleased to award her the CC and BOB

3. Astasia Shiro Ojo

3 OB  Astasia Shiro Ojo.jpg

2. Bluepoint White Swan for Garthbull

2 OB  Bluepoint White Swan for Garthybull.jpg
2) BLUEPOINT WHITE SWAN FOR GARTHYBULL, Mr & Mrs John, Miss Heath & Mr Morris, White/black ear, super feminine bitch. Her head has width and a smooth profile, good finish well placed ears , adequate length of neck into well placed shoulders, rear angulation ok, she moved well both ways holding her topline .

4. Miandale Ice Queen

4  OB  Miandale Ice Queen.jpg
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