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IMAGES FROM OPEN SHOW  22 October 2023 

A thanks to our Junior Handlers

JH Lineup.jpg


Shaun 400p.jpg
Steve 400.jpg

Bull Terriers : Shaun Mathison 

Miniature Bull Terriers : 
Steve Coverdale (Unionbuls)

Kim 400.jpg

Supreme Trophies: 
Kim Whittaker (Wengormick)

Best in Show: Clansmann Flame of Gory

1.  PGB BB BOB BIS Clansmann Flame of Glory.jpg

Best Puppy in Show: Venus Back Flash at Bullwizz

1. PB BPIB BPIS Venus Backflash at Bullwiz.jpg
BPIS Venus Back Flash at Bullwizz.jpg

Bull Terrier:  Judge Shaun Mathison (Blazinbully)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NPBTC for inviting me to judge their open show, I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was pleased with the amount of quality dogs & bitches I had to go over, and would also like to thank the exhibitors for bringing their dogs for me to judge, it was a Pleasant well run show as always! Thank you.


1. Bownes' Starcinco a Million Dreams

Tall upstanding white with black brindle ear mark, head has enough turn ears on top good reach of neck level top line would like a little more meat on him, moved well for youngster.

1. PD Starcinco a Million Dollars BPD.jpg


1. Wilson's Ragnarok One Step Beyond

White dog with black eye, well turned, head with depth and width, substantial dog for size.  Good reach of neck, decent broad chest, good tail set, moved well coming and going.

1. PGD Ragnarok One Step Beyond.jpg


1. Townend's Kenxtwen Let's Go  RBD

Well marked red and white dog with good substance to size,

Head has good turn, width and depth, markings making the most of his expression, ears on top, gun barrel front short back good top line, correct tail set, decent depth of chest with a good rise back up to loin, well shaped dog who didn’t move as well as I wanted, he would have won top honours if he showed a little better in the end line up. RBD 

1. LD  RBD Kenxtwen Let's Go.jpg


1. Leigh's  Venus Back Flash at Bullwizz  BPIB BPIS

Well marked brindle and white puppy, head has decent turn and depth good eye and ear on top promising youngster, worked well & moved well with handler.

1. PB BPIB BPIS  Venus Backflash at Bullwiz.jpg


1. Sulivans Devarca Anything Goes

Shapely brindle and white with lovely brindling, head has lovely markings, good turn & good width decent eye and ears on top, good reach of neck into well angled shoulder, with a level top line.

1. JD Devarca Anything Goes.jpg
2. Molyneux's Cwmdulais Boris the Blade

White dog with black eye mark, good width to head and a good eye and ears on top giving a really nice expression, would like more turn, good front, up on toes, moved well with handler, doesn’t have as much substance as 1.

2. PGD  Cwmdulais Boris the Blade.jpg


1. Robinsons' Vetsbullies Killing Music at Islasonbulls   BD  BOSIS

White substantial dog with black ears, head has plenty of turn and fill with more than enough width, good eye, ears on top, good expression, good reach of neck into good shoulders, gun barrel front, up on pasterns, good leigh of shoulder, level top line, correct tail set, preferred some of the body lines of the reserve dog but he didn’t show himself in the line up, and this boy never stopped showing so awarded him BD 

1. OD BD Vetsbullies Killing Music at Islasonbulls.jpg
2.  Clarke's Nevernights Blade Singer

Red and white with nice turn ok width, ears on top keen eye good reach of neck level top line correct tail set, moved ok.

2. PB Nevernights Blade Singer.jpg
3. Grant's Moshing Maiden at Granack
3. PB  Moshing Maiden at Granack.jpg
Res.  Bullgatti Inferno
4.  PB Bullgatti Inferno.jpg
VHC.  Javarke Galadriel
VHC PB Javarke Galadriel.jpg


1.  Bluepoint Flye Fox

White bitch with brindle eye and ear mark, feminine bitch with plenty of substance, head has lovely turn, well made bitch with correct angulation front and rear,super short back, level top line, moved ok, worked well with handler but would prefer her up on her toes more, still a young and promising bitch.

1. JB Bluepoint Flye Fox.jpg
2.  Twyman's Laronbelle's Jamari

Feminine brindle and white, head has nice turn and width and depth, ears on top, good reach of neck, decent front well developed chest, level top line, correct tail set, good bend of styfle, moved well with handler,  presented in super condition.

2.  JB Laronbelles Jamari.jpg
3. Sewards'  Gorbain Barnesmore           Waltzing Matilda
3. JB  Gorbain Barnesmore Waltzing Matilda.jpg
Res.  Bullyview Here We Go Again at Zankol
4.  JB Bullyview Here We Go Again at Zankol.jpg


1.   Quentinhill Mersmereyesing
1.  NB  Quentinhill Mesmereyesing.jpg

Feminine White with black brindle ear markings, head has good width with ok turn, ears on top and good eye, decent gun barrel front front, correct angulation at front, short back, correct tail set, moved well with handler.


1.  Campbells' Clansmann Flame of Gory  BOB  BIS
1. PGB BB BOB BIS Clansmann Flame of Glory.jpg

Well made Red and white, can’t ignore this bitch, always shows herself and in top condition, head has gentle turn, good depth and width, ears bang on top, would like keener eye, super front, well angled front and rear with a well developed chest that curves up to loin, short level back, all adding to her make and shape, always standing up on her toe’s showing well with handler, moving well both ways presented and handled well, in final line up my winner stood out as she was on her toes throughout never putting a foot wrong and I had to give her best bitch and agreed with co judge that she was best in show.

2.  Sullivan's Unionbuls Huntress

Substantial white bitch with black mark above eye, head has good width and length which I think we are lacking sometimes, good depth and turn, correct ears, good reach of neck into decent shoulders, good front, up on pasterns, good depth of chest rising up to loin, level top line, correct tail set.


1.  Dodd's Miandale Queen of Hearts

Tall upstanding white bitch with eye mark, head has a well turned profile, enough width and fill, ears on top, keen eye which gives her good expression. Good front and up on pasterns, good angulation at front and rear, good tail set, moved and handled well.

2. PGB  Unionbuls Huntress.jpg
1.  LB Miandale Queen of Hearts.jpg


1.  Hirst's Medusamyne Lovely Jubbly Pumpkin  RBB

Well made white feminine bitch in great condition with black brindle head mark, head has clean unbroken profile good depth and width, ears on top, good reach of neck into sound shoulders, good lay of shoulder, deep chest rising back to loin, level top line, short back, correct tail set, good angulation at rear sat on a well bent styfle , in great condition moved with drive and handled well, on the day I preferred the showmanship of the red and white, but nevertheless a quality bitch.

1.  OB RBB BOS Medusamyne Lovely Jubbly Pumpkin.jpg
2.  Machin's Orbal Hot Enough

Tri coloured bitch in great condition, head has good width and turn with a keen eye, correct ears, good front, the tidiest of feat, good spring of rib, level top line correct tail set, moved well.

2. LB  Orbal Hot Enough.jpg
2.  Thomas' Vataha the Constellation

White substantial bitch while still feminine, similar to one but preferred shorter back and overall balance of 1st, clean head with plenty of turn and width ears on top making good expression, good length of neck into correct shoulders level top line correct tail set muscular second thigh which she used on the move, well made throughout, presented and handled well.

2.  OB  Vataha The Constellation.jpg
3.  Meilow Pure Gold at         Dodgecity
3.  OB  Meilow Pure Gold at Dodgecity.jpg
Res. Lovely Doris          at Blaisers
4.  OB  Lovely Doris at Blaisers.jpg
VHC. Miandale Ice Queen 
VHC OB  Miandale Ice Queen.jpg


1.   Kirkby Glistening Snow  BVOB  BVIS
1.  VB BVIB BVIS Kirkby Glistening Snow.jpg

MBT:  Judge Steve Coverdale (Unionbuls)

Massive thank you to the club for giving me the opportunity to judge, and for the very warm welcome and support. Thanks also to everyone that their dog.


1.  Wengormick She's a Madam (B)  BPIB RBB
MBT 1. PDorPB  BPIB RBOB Wengormick She's a Madam.jpg
Brindle and white bitch 7 months old. Well marked, good head and expression. Lovely front with good outline. Very well made bitch. Moved well.
2.  Giffenbull Encore of             Aribax (D)
MBT 2. PDorPB  Giffenbull Encore of Aribax.jpg
Solid brindle dog. Small compact dog with a good head and good eye. Nice front. Moved well.
3.  Sloikbull Sweet Codyn (D)
MBT 3. PDorPB  Sloikbull Sweet Cody.jpg


1.  Jenkir Artemis (B)  BOB RBIS
MBT 1. OB BOB RBIS  Jenkir Artemis.jpg
Brindle and white bitch Good feminine head, with a perfect mouth. Lovely front, in super condition. Moved and showed very well.
2.  Jenkir Hebe at Bownesbulls (B)
MBT 2. JDorJB Jenkir Hebe at Bownesbulls.jpg
Black brindle bitch Not the head of 1st, but good mouth. Well made, moved a little close behind, in good condition.
3.  Smart Red Daffy Zlota                    Beja (D)
MBT  3.  JDorJB Smart Red Daffy Zlota Beja.jpg


1.  Howfenbulls Dark Knight RBD
MBT OD 1. RBD  Howfenbulls Dark Knight.jpg
Black brindle dog Nice head with a decent front. Feet slightly loose, but moved well. Lovely coat in good condition.
2.  Smart Red Daffy Zlota Beja
MBT  3.  JDorJB Smart Red Daffy Zlota Beja.jpg
Red dog good head and expression. Mouth just off. Good rear quarters. Shame that he was nervous and did not make the best of himself.


1.  Jenkir Artemis
MBT 1. OB BOB RBIS  Jenkir Artemis.jpg
2.  Seayess Mystical Star
Tricoloured bitch decent head, mouth was ok, well made. Moved well and in good condition.
MBT 2. OB Seayess Mystical Star.jpg
3.  Kaja-Dottie Von Der Alten             Veste
Res.  Topasbully                     Rostislava
MBT 3.  OB Kaja-Dottie Von Der Alten Veste.jpg
MBT  4.  OB Topasbully Rostislava.jpg
VHC.  Britania Von Der Alten Veste
MBT VHC OB Britania Von Der Alren Veste.jpg


Winner of Ortis Candlesticks Best Puppy Dog and Supreme Puppy of the Year: Devarca Anything Goes
Trophy BPD Sup Pup Devarca Anything Goes.jpg
Winner of Ortis Candlesticks Best Puppy Bitch of the Year: Bullyview Here We Go Again at Zankol
Trophy BPB Bullyview Here We Go Again at Zancol.jpg
Winner of Marjorie Fogan Memorial Trophy Best Bitch and Supreme Trophy for Best Bull Terrier of the Year: 
Medusamyne Lovely Jubbly Pumpkin

Trophy BB and SupWinner Medusamyne Lovely Jubbly Pumpkin.jpg
Winner of Ronnie Scott Memorial Trophy Best Dog: Kenxtwen Let's Go
Trophy BD Kenxtwen Let's Go.jpg
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