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Images from our Easter Open Show

Meet our Judges for this show

Jeff Jones                    MBT Judge

Judges 1.jpg
Sean Morris
Bull Terrier Judge
BEST IN SHOW : Grande Finale of Briden
1 JB  BB BOB  BIS Grande Finale of Briden.jpg
Well done to our Junior Handlers
junior handlers.jpg
poppy handler.jpg


I would like to thank the Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club for the invitation to Judge the Easter Sunday show, the exhibitors and spectators for coming and the committee and stewards Steve Walker and Laura Scott for making the show run so smoothly.

1.Puppy Dog, BP, BD Best Puppy in Show and BOS Gorbain Dark Destroyer Barnesmore
1 PD  BP BD BOS   Gorbain Dark Destroyer Barnesmore.jpg
1 PD  BP BD BOS Gorbain Dark Destroyer Barnesmore.jpg

1st Gorbain Dark Destroyer Barnesmore ( Mr+Miss R+S Woodward and Thompson) 11 month old brindle and white typy young dog with lovely filled and turned head. Good eye and neat ears giving a good expression. Good neck flows into clean shoulders. Front is straight with enough bone and tight feet. His back is short making him well balanced with nice lines, good quarters well angulated with correct tailset, moved accordingly. BD

2. Puppy Dog, Rightstuff Strike

2nd Rightstuff Strike ( Mr+Mrs CJ+J Wright )

10 month old upstanding brindle and white with a good turned and filled head, his eye placement is good and expression is keen. Correct shoulders with straight front and good feet. Well angulated rear, just needs to mature. Moved well.

2 PD  Rightstuff Strike.jpg
3. Puppy Dog, Bathminster Count Spearman 
3 PD Bathminster Count Spearman.jpg
1. Junior Dog, Barnesmore Cool as Ice
1 JD Barnesmore Cool as Ice.jpg

1st Barnesmore Cool As Ice ( Miss Webb)

18 month old white dog with black ear. Good head with clean front and shoulders and  topline , rear quarters were good and he moved pretty well, just needed to settle.

1. PGD, Treszia Espionage
1 PGD Treszia Espionage.jpg

1st Trezia Espionage ( Miss Rita Sinclair)

5 yr old powerful white dog with red head markings. Strong filled and turned head. Good neck leading into correct shoulders and front, bone is heavy. Deep brisket , topline is good with moderate length of back. Strong angulated rear quarters, movement difficult to assess.

2. PGD, Blazinbullys White Warrior
2 PGD Blazinbullys White Warrior.jpg

2nd Blazinbullies White Warrior ( Mr M D Hird )

19 month white dog with black ear, head has length and is filled with good ear placement. Good front and shoulders and feet. Topline good and rear angulation and tailset good , moved pretty well both ways.

1. LD, Olliebrad Supersonic
1 LD Olliebrad Supersonic.jpg

1st Olliebrad Supersonic (Mr+Mrs+Mst M+K+O Bradley)

4 yr old brindle and white, masculine dog with a strong deep powerful head. Good shoulders and front with nice bone , Deep chest with short back and correct tailset , strong quarters well angulated, moved well.

1. OD, RBD Afanbull Super Ted
1 OD RBD Afanbull Super Ted.jpg

1st Afanbull Super Ted ( Mr J W Sheehy)

2 yr old white dog. Good strong head, turned and filled with nice eye placement and neat well set ears, a deep muzzle and keen expression. Straight front, good bone and shoulder, short back and good quarters moved with purpose. RBD

1.  Puppy Bitch, Bullyview Here We Go Again at Zankol
1 PB Bullyview Here We Go Again at Zankol.jpg
1. Junior Bitch, BB,BOB,BIS  Grande Finale of Briden
1 JB  BB BOB  BIS Grande Finale of Briden.jpg

1st Bullyview Here We Go Again At Zankol ( Mr + Mrs C+S Taylor ) 9 month old substantial well marked tri. Pleasing head with fill and turn and ears on top.

Straight front, deep chest with good shoulders. Moderate length of back leading into strong rear quarters, well angulated with good tailset, moved well.

1. Novice Bitch, RBOB, RBIS
    Lovely Jubbly Pumpkin
1 NB RBB RBIS Lovely Jubbly Pumpkin.jpg

1st Lovely Jubbly Pumpkin ( Miss A Hirst )

18 month old white with head markings, typy bitch with strong turned and filled head, good eye and ear placement giving a keen expression. Nice neck leading into correct shoulders and straight front. Short back with a good topline , well angulated hind quarters, well balanced with nice lines, moved well. RBB

3.  Novice Bitch, Clansmann       Flame of Glory
3 NB Clansmann Flame of Glory.jpg

1st Grande Finale of Briden ( Mr +Mrs B+D Smalley)

12 month old white bitch full of quality, Beautiful head turned and filled with correct eye and ear placement giving a lovely feminine expression. An elegant neck leads into her shoulders which are good and her front is straight with neat feet. She has a short back with correct tailset and well angulated rear quarters. Her body lines flow making her a typy and beautifully balanced bitch. Moved well. BB, BOB.

2. Novice Bitch Teirwgwyn Welsh Lady at Kingsbryn
2 NB Teirwgwyn Welsh Lady at Kingsbryn.jpg

2nd Teirwgwyn Welsh Lady at Kingsbryn. ( Mr+Mrs I+J Roughton)

6yr old white with head mark, nice typy feminine head with good eye and ear placement

giving a good expression. Elegant neck with good front and well placed shoulders. Moderate length of back. Well angulated with good bone and feet, moved pretty well.

4. Novice Bitch, Quentinhill Mesmereyesing
4 NB Quentinhill Mesmereyesing.jpg
1.  PGB, Vataha The Costellation
1 PGB Vataha The Constellation.jpg

1st Vataha The Constellation ( Mrs J Thomas )

2yr old classy white with head markings, lovely feminine head turned and filled, nicely placed eyes and ears with a good expression. Her front is straight with enough bone for her type, she has correct shoulders and a good top line, her body lines flow with good tailset. Moved pretty well.

3.  PGB, Orbal Hot Enough
3 PGB Orbal Hot Enough.jpg
2.  PGB, Astasia Emiko
2 PGB Astasia Emiko.jpg

2nd Astasia Emiko ( Mr+Mrs+Miss S+A+M Walker and Jennings) 20 month old brindle and white. Well marked tidy bitch with a nice head, filled with good  eye placement. Good neck landing in well laid shoulders, good forechest with enough bone. Short coupled with correct top line and well angulated hind quarters. Well balanced, moved well.

4.  PGB, Kingsbryn Shooting Star
4 PGB Kingsbryn Shooting Star.jpg
1.  OB, Blazinbullys Red Devil
1 OB Blazinbullys Red Devil.jpg

1st Blazinbullys Red Devil ( Mr + Mrs S+R Mathison )

19 month old red and white typy bitch. Good head with good eye and ear placement giving a keen expression. Strong neck leading into good front and shoulders, level top line. Well angulated hind quarters. Moved well.

1. Veteran Bitch, BVIS
     Beebeemi Jocelyn Brown at Treszia 
1 VB BVOB BVIS Beebeemi Jocelyn Brown at Treszia.jpg

1st Beebeemi Jocelyn Brown at Trezia ( Ms Rita Sinclair)

8yr old Red and white girl. Pleasing head with a nice eye , good neck leading into correct shoulders. Her front is true with enough bone and her feet are good. Well balanced with a good top line. Her rear angulation is good with correct tailset. Moved well.

2.  OB, Brookbully Blindside
2 OB Brookbully Blindside.jpg

2nd Brookbully Blindside ( Mr J Emett )

3yr old white. Lovely feminine head, turned and filled with good expression. Good front and feet. Nice neck leading into ok shoulder. Well angulated rear, moved well.

2.  Veteran Bitch, Brutal Bull Magie
2 VB Brutal Bull Magie.jpg

2nd Brutal Bull Magie ( Imp Esp) ( Mr A Benitez )

9yr old white with head markings. Good head and eye. Pretty good front and shoulders, back is short with correct tailset, well angulated and moved well.


I would like to thank The Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club for the opportunity to Judge the Mini Classes at their open show it was very enjoyable and my first opportunity out front THANK YOU.  I would also like to thank my very efficient steward on the day Laura Sutcliffe and the support of Mr & Mrs Scott, Mr S Walker and Sean for a loan of his tie.  I would like to thank all who entered, even though the entry was small the quality of the dogs was very good. Thank you again.
MBT 1 JDorB BB BOB Seayess Mystical Star.jpg
1.  Puppy D or B, Vataha Crazy Daisy
MBT 1 PDorB BPB Vataha Crazy Daisy.jpg
1.  Junior D or B, BOB,                   Seayess Mystical Star
MBT 1 JDorB BB BOB Seayess Mystical Star.jpg

1st Stephens&Farmer SEAYESS MYSTICAL STAR 

Full of type tri-colour bitch, beautiful head, lovely profile with good fill.Nicely shaped eyes and well placed ears with good expression.  Correct mouth, with good reach of neck good top line. Nicely angulated quarters, moved well, a bit shy. BOB pipped number 2 on maturity.


Feminine Brindle Bitch, Good turn of head and fill, good ear placement. Good reach of neck, Good top line,straight front, nice tight feet, moved well.  Really shy could do with more confidence in the ring.

2. Junior D or B, BD, BOS, RBOB, Graymor Glacial Harvest for Neverland


Lovely white dog, another excellent head, lovely profile with good fill, small, wicked eye and well-placed ears with good expression.  Correct mouth, nice straight front, nice tight feet, with good rear quarters.  Moved well.  Good things to come.  Reserve BOB.

1.  Open Bitch, RBB, Glossy Black      Frozen Eminence
MBT OB RBB Glossy Black Frozen Eminence.jpg

1stHeising (Handled by VHearne) GLOSSY BLACK FROZEN EMINENCE (ATCAZ90173SWE)


Lovely feminine white bitch, beautiful head with profile and fill. Well shaped eye with well placed ears and good expression.Good reach of neck,Straight front,nice short back good rear quarters moved well. 


2 PGD Blazinbullys White Warrior.jpg
Blazinbullys White Warrior
Astasia Emiko
2 PGB Astasia Emiko.jpg
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